Understanding customer’s needs, offering the optimal technical solution and improving it along with the growth of the customer’s business is the approach of our .NET Team. They develop projects from scratch – and they don’t stop there. Going through all stages of business development together with the client; our developers add new features suitable for the current needs of the client, the users and the market.

Development and maintenance of a paperless management system for medical organizations (MHC), a platform for the management and maintenance of leased property (ManageGo), the marketplace for the renewable energy (EVO) – these are just some of our projects and industries that our .NET team is working with. The professionalism of our .NET team is the key to the success of our customers. Do you want to join the guys? Then you follow the link.


Are you looking for the most versatile team of PHP developers? Give us a call. Our diverse set of PHP projects include tractors, FinTech, modeling agencies, multicurrency, and crowdfunding. Our PHP team prides itself on its excellent atmosphere and friendly staff. If you want to be a part of the team, check out our vacancies.

Miy Dim Online

This is our own product developed for the Ukrainian market! Miy Dim Online is a cloud service that automates routine processes and facilitates accounting in condominiums, housing, cottage towns, management companies and other utilities, as well as provides tools for effective real estate management and communication with residents. The product is actively growing its market share and there are big plans to scale the system. Check our Vacancy page if you want to become a part of the project. 

Miy Dim Online


Our SalesForce team consists of 7 developers and 4 QAs working with an American company on the namesake CRM system. Salesforce.com is one of the leaders in Cloud Computing, SaaS, PaaS and for many years has been ranked #1 in the global CRM systems market.


We were one of the first in Ukraine to start working with the #Salesforce platform. Over the past 10 years, we have implemented many projects for the American market and created a successful product. Among us there are both super-professionals and young talents who studied at our Salesforce Academy.

If you want to get acquainted with #Salesforce closer, follow our announcements.