20%Employees stay with us
for more than 10 years
25+Years of Experience
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Why us

We pride ourselves in the family atmosphere that we have curated, paying attention and taking great care of our team members. We keep bureaucracy to a minimum while allowing our highly qualified and experienced engineers to spread their technical expertise and flourish in non-standard projects that they take on. We work together to create a pool of knowledge and skills to provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs, expectations and budget. Our technicians have the opportunity for continuing education to enable them to keep abreast of the latest technologies. We believe that a strong, positive, open and honest relationship between our employees and clients is the key to our success.

On the level, yet different

We have a comfortable working format - in the office (optional) or remotely. Our benefits package includes, but is not limited to, 6 types of health insurance, life insurance, English classes, the opportunity to have exercises in any sports club in Kyiv, consultations with a psychotherapist, baby-sitting service, and vaccinations. We have created a unique flexible format that allows employees to create their own list of benefits and customize it to their own needs, so that each employee will get what is relevant to them. Dynamo Development, Inc. it’s a team of kindred spirit people, who work, grow and achieve outstanding results together.

Nstya Lenda

slick qt I worked at Dynamo Development from 2012 to 2019. There were 7 wonderful and eventful years and I am insanely grateful to the company for that time. I warmly remember the people and the atmosphere - this is a real family. I liked that Dynamo had a variety of projects and that any employee had the opportunity to develop within his team and project and also - to move to another team, if his skills or interests require it. And the main thing that is valuable in teams and managers up to the founder of the company - the guys work for quality and really try to choose the best solution. This is worthy of respect.

Nastya Lenda

slick qt Dynamo Development is the company with a family atmosphere, a personalized approach to each employee, and minimum of bureaucracy. You can address the administration with any initiative or problem directly and easily resolve the issue. There are always friendly relationships between colleagues both within the project teams and between the teams themselves, regular casual and intellectual meetings of the whole team. It was so pleasant and easy to work in such environment for 4 years.

Yulia Griffen
Product Manager