Evolution Markets

The Summary:

Evolution Markets structures transactions and provides brokerage and merchant banking services for the global green markets and the clean energy sector. It excels in developing innovative, cost effective strategies.

The Situation:

The company had an online extranet portal to provide its customers with access to proprietary and specific market data only available from Evolution Markets. Every desk had its own set of specific data and updated this data individually. Customers needed to receive EOD (end of day) summaries, reports and raw data. Evolution Markets was using Salesforce and proprietary in-house trading software, along with an old, in-house developed PHP portal that was not delivering the services required.

The Challenge:

Evolution Markets needed to develop an easy-to-manage web portal that would integrate Salesforce and in-house, Windows-based software, providing each trading desk with the ability to manage its own data and reports, and to deliver data to customers in multiple ways – emails, web portal, via API, and via FTP.

The Decision Process:

Dynamo’s expertise in multiple platforms was a key in establishing this relationship. By developing both the requirements document and the system architecture in partnership with the Evolution Markets team, we demonstrated our technical expertise and our ability to quickly learn and understand the specifics of its business.

The Implementation:

During the next eight years, our team implemented, and continues to support, new business requirements for Evolution Markets’ extranet portal and for Salesforce org. We took over and improved its Bloomberg data submission application, added an integration with Exact Target mass emails, built an intranet performance reporting function for company management, integrated its trading application with both its extranet and intranet portals, and provided ongoing tech support.

The Results:

Evolution Markets continues to improve its technology offerings to its clients, as well as updating its internal reporting to stay efficient and competitive without expanding its own IT team.

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