Funding Wonder

The Summary:

Funding Wonder will fundamentally change the relationship between businesses and the communities they serve. Banks have traditionally acted as intermediaries, collecting money from depositors and deciding when and where to lend it out. The Funding Wonder Marketplace bypasses the middlemen by directly connecting investors and small businesses to help each achieve their financial goals.

The Situation:

Funding Wonder founders are experts in international finance, mergers and acquisitions, entertainment and startup business. They were looking for a strong and reputable software development company with experience with US banking, fin-tech and Salesforce.

The Challenge

As a startup company, Funding Wonder needed to find a balance between the high quality of the technical team they needed to execute their vision and the limited availability of funds.

The Decision Process:

The Funding Wonder team interviewed Dynamo Development and recognized that our project management process, multi-year experience with Salesforce and with banking systems, and our offshore team structure was the winning combination they were looking for. After verifying our references, the Funding Wonder management made a decision to work with us.

The Implementation:

Dynamo Development has worked with multiple vendors to implement Funding Wonder’s cloud service and Salesforce management portal. The system is integrated with credit analytics, e-signature, escrow services, ACH transaction processing, wire services, customizable Salesforce dashboards for management, reporting and workflows, a customer portal for investors and business, a loan marketplace, and an auction process.

The Results:

Within six months of hard and concentrated work, the Funding Wonder portal was live and able to verify investors and companies, build credit profiles for companies, and process transactions between businesses and investors. By that time, the FW system had already processed over $250,000 in loans.

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