The Summary:

Sanctri is an online community built around a Facebook application for building online memorials for deceased family, friends, colleagues and loved ones, and helping survivors remember and celebrate the lives of those that are gone.

The Situation:

While still a startup, Sanctri hired an offshore team of programmers to build a rapid prototype for their Facebook application. Once that was approved and the company launched, the same team started implementation of the fully featured product.

The Challenge:

Version after version that the offshore team delivered was buggy, unstable software. This sabotaged customer acquisition efforts, forcing Sanctri into the uncomfortable and dangerous situation of needing to bring in new customers while knowing that their product wasn’t ready, which would then cause higher than average app abandonment.

The Decision Process:

Sanctri’s management interviewed Dynamo Development, reviewed our software development processes and references, and decided to run a one-month trial. They were so satisfied with Dynamo after that month that they hired our team to take over the project and continue development.

The Implementation:

Within the first month, Dynamo Development had organized a dedicated team of three Groovy developers, a QA engineer, and a part-time project manager/system architect. In a short period of time, we implemented a software development process, including regular release milestones determined in consultation with Sanctri. We instituted project planning and tracking using Jira, automated our builds and testing, and developed a formal deployment process. We have continued the integration process using Jira, Groovy, Grails, AWS, Jenkins, and Selenium.

Finally, our mobile solutions team took the revised product offering and developed mobile Sanctri applications for their members in both iPhone and Android operating systems.

Sanctri’s team (designers, business and marketing) was fully engaged in the process. They were better able to control priorities, review tasks completed, and to make any necessary adjustments.

The Results:

As result of our efforts, Sanctri received a high quality product in a short period of time. They were able to deliver to market a new, reliable and scalable Facebook application and its related mobile Apps. Perhaps more importantly, Sanctri has been able to quickly add new features and run successful marketing and customer acquisition campaigns with complete tracking using Google Analytics.

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