Enterprise OS X and iOS (NDA)

The Summary:

This Fortune 100 company needed to build an internal employees and facility management application, to streamline resource scheduling, improve control, improve usability, and provide access to all facilities via self-service while maintaining access control based on employee roles.

The Situation:

Although the core server-side architecture and development was performed by in-house developers, the company did not have the available resources to handle the UI design and client side development. They therefore decided to outsource that part of the project.

The Challenge:

As this project was already in the planning stage, our soon-to-be client needed to find a team that could become an extension of their own team: working together on the same code base and providing ideas in UI/UX design, all while maintaining the existing schedule and adapting to the changes that are always necessary during the software development process.

The Decision Process:

The company’s project management office reviewed our references and our UI/UX design proposals, conducted interviews with our key developers, and made the decision to award the project to our team.

The Implementation:

Working side-by-side with our client, our team developed multiple versions of their system. We added new features, collected feedback, and then incorporated those learnings to improve the user experience, further optimizing performance and adding additional services and integrations. For this project our team worked on Mac OS and iOS, with Objective-C language, network services, web services, LDAP, databases, calendar services, location services, outdoor and indoor navigation services, and many other MAC tools and frameworks.

The Results:

This in-house application is currently deployed at our client’s headquarters. It allows our client to view and manage employee hierarchy, assign employees to a manager or a group, match those employees to the workplace, check employee schedules, set up business trips, search for available conference rooms, copy centers, health rooms, and more. The application administrator can also add new facilities with various properties, including indoor mapping.

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