Maryland Health Clinics

The Summary:

Maryland Healthcare Clinics (MHC) was founded in August 1987 by Dr. Semyon Friedman, a former professor of Chemical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. The company has grown from one clinic, one physician, and one physical therapist to about 50 clinics in Maryland and Northern Virginia and about 150 employees and contractors. To successfully manage multiple clinics and provide consistently high quality service, MHC has developed a novel business model and implemented modern technology for the internal and external flow of information.

The Situation:

Early on, MHC management recognized the important role of technology in enabling their business to grow, as well as to provide high quality services to its patients and partners. MHC was looking for a dynamic technology partner to steadily develop unique software solutions, to support business growth, and to continue to provide innovative solutions as new technology offered new opportunities.

The Challenge:

Developing custom software is not an easy process and requires resources from both the client and their software development partner. Maryland Healthcare was interested in a reliable technology partner who could scale up and down as needed, while continuing to provide support for their already existing business solutions.

The Decision Process:

In 2002, MHC asked Dynamo to come up with a solution to the problem that much of their paperwork contained only a single, important element – the patient signature. We researched the issue and proposed a solution using electronic signature pads. After reviewing this solution with relevant healthcare insurance companies to confirm compliance, we developed a small-client-server application and deployed it across all MHC offices. That trial project started an ongoing business relationship that has lasted for more than 10 years.

The Implementation:

Over the next years, our team has helped to design and implement various solutions to enable MHC’s growth. These solutions include partners’ portals, patient case management, marketing, sales and billing automation, automated phone call reminders, high-volume faxing, document management, HIPAA compliance, and many other aspects inherent in a large and complex healthcare provider business.

The Results:

MHC has grown and significantly improved efficiency, reducing costs of managing patients while improving patient and doctor satisfaction.

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