ManageGo Cloud Platform

The Summary: is a turnkey solution (SaS) for property management companies that provides an instant, template-based web site, offering tenant payment functionality using ACH and credit cards, as well as a building maintenance ticketing system. All of these features are available as a web application as well as a mobile application on both Android and iOS.

The Situation:

Founders of ManageGo had been involved in the real estate business for many years and were experts in every aspect of property management. They wanted to bring the benefits and capabilities of modern technology to property management companies of all sizes, and to their tenants, and so they started ManageGo.

The Challenge:

ManageGo founders were looking for a software development company with the technology expertise to assist them in defining the solution, implementing it, and supporting ongoing operations. ManageGo was also looking for a company that was stable and reliable, with years of experience, a proven track record and satisfied customers.

The Decision Process:

During our initial meetings with ManageGo, the Dynamo team was able to demonstrate our software development process and our organizational qualities. We not only shared new ideas and alternatives that hadn’t been considered, but we also provided references to other relevant, completed projects so ManageGo could see how we apply our thinking in real world situations.

The Implementation:

During the next year, our team worked closely with the ManageGo team to implement and test software, integrate it with the banking system, set up data center operations, and prepare for compliance reviews. We resolved any and all technology questions in a timely and expedient matter. Using the Jira system we were able to work closely with ManageGo to provide regular status updates and, in return, receive feedback on delivered iterations, make any necessary adjustments and move forward toward our common goal.

The Results:

Currently, the ManageGo platform is supporting hundreds of companies and thousands of tenants, processing millions of dollars in rent payments every month. Now that tenant’s requests are being handled in transparent and efficient matter, tenant satisfaction has increased. Dynamo continues to provide ongoing support and upgrades for this platform.

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