Why our clients choose us

We are in the business of custom software development for 25 years already. We gained experience in various industry domains. This expertise allows us to deliver an effective and efficient solution when you address us with your project. Our set process, agile approach, and reasonable pricing are proven by time and endorsed by our clients. With proud, we say that some of our clients stayed with us from the start and many of them recommend us to others.


Transparent cooperation is the key to success. We are open and ready to show what we are doing anywhen. We are always in contact with the client, ready to change whenever is needed.

Reasonable price

Our development office is located in Ukraine. This offshore solution gives our clients access to one of the most talented IT nations in the world for a fair budget.

Years of experience

With the gained experience we don’t simply write a code. We look for a solution that best fits particular client’s needs and deliver high quality results in time.

Silverline CRM

About the Project

Silverline is a Salesforce Partner providing solutions across multiple industries, including the Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, and Financial Services industries. In 2009 Silverline, a fast growing startup company required developers with very diverse skills to take on development…

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15+ Years of cooperation
10+ Сertified developers
2 Certified architects


About the Project

MHC HealthCare (MHC) was founded in August 1987 by Dr. Semyon Friedman, a former professor of Chemical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. The company has grown from one clinic, one physician, and one physical therapist to over 60…

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15+ Years of cooperation
5148+ Completed tasks
10 Team size (ppl)

Miy Dim Online

About the Project

In June 2016 Dynamo Development, Inc. starts its own SaaS product Miy Dim Online for the Ukrainian market. Multiple reforms in Ukraine open new opportunities as far as residents start to pay more attention to the quality of…

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50000+ Tenant-users of the program
100+ Company-users of the program
10+ Integrations
Miy Dim Online Miy Dim Online - mobile application Miy Dim Online Telegram bot