About the Project

ManageGo is SaaS that simplifies property management by integrating online rent payments, maintenance requests, scheduling, rental applications, and much more in one platform.  Company founders started working with the Dynamo team from the very beginning, at the “idea” stage. Being experts in real estate development and property management ManageGo team was looking for matching expertise in software development.  Dynamo has built a first version and since then continues to improve, develop and support this system for over 10 years helping ManageGo to become #1 all-in-one property management tool.


Client's feedback

Client's feedback

By working with the Dynamo team we were able to realize our vision and create property management cloud platform and mobile applications that bring our industry into the 21st century. Our continuous cooperation provides new and exciting opportunities to improve our ManageGo software-as-service and to quickly add new features when our customers request them.


Team & Technologies

Microsoft .NET and .NET core, Vue.js, HTML5, Xamarin for mobile app.  Multiple integration with banks for ACH and credit card payments, accounting systems, credit checks, as well as other property management systems.  Securely hosted on AWS.


Project Results

Within the first year Dynamo team was able to launch a completely new idea as a working product with live customers and continuously improve this product, add new features, improve performance while maintaining excellent technical support.  Our cooperation with ManageGo made this system the best online and mobile platform for property management servicing over 5000 buildings just in New York city.