About the Project

In June 2016 Dynamo Development, Inc. starts its own SaaS product Miy Dim Online for the Ukrainian market. Multiple reforms in Ukraine open new opportunities as far as residents start to pay more attention to the quality of management services provided and service companies start to pay more attention to the efficiency of the services they provide to residents.

The target audiences for My Dim Online are utility companies, condominiums, cottage communities, and other service companies. Miy Dim Online automates the monthly billing, payment, and reporting processes for these organizations, as well as provides effective tools for communication between residents and administration.

Miy Dim Online Miy Dim Online - mobile application Miy Dim Online Telegram bot

Client's feedback

Client's feedback

When we started to use modern software for billing Miy Dim Online, we have significantly optimized the work of our utility company. It helped us to switch from paperwork to electronic format, securing our client’s data. Miy Dim Online simplified the work for our accountants, automated accrual, receipt, and payment processes. Now we can scale fast by increasing the number of residents that we service without increasing the number of accountants.


Team & Technologies

Project utilize ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL database, DevExtreme, jQuery. The project team consists of C# full stack developer, QA engineer, support engineers, marketing expert, and salesperson. Amazon web service gives excellent scalability to the product. Development included more than 10 integrations with third-party services using API. Miy Dim Online has a mobile application for the residents and a Telegram bot.


Project Results

In 2018 project “Miy Dim Online” became an independent company and registered its own Trade Mark. The company is still growing. In November 2021 over 50 000 home residents all over Ukraine are using Miy Dim Online product to monitor, pay and store their utility bills and payments.