About the Project

Silverline is a Salesforce Partner providing solutions across multiple industries, including the Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, and Financial Services industries. In 2009 Silverline, a fast growing startup company required developers with very diverse skills to take on development of its own products and consulting efforts on many new projects. With a highly competitive market, specific and peculiar requirements to candidates, strict budget Silverline was looking for options in addition to hiring developers across the US.


Client's feedback

Client's feedback

Upon recommendation from a Silverline Partner, we asked Dynamo to assist us in a multitude of new projects. Dynamo’s commitment to ensuring our satisfaction and their expertise in Salesforce implementations led to the creation of the dedicated Silverline-Dynamo team in Ukraine. Dynamo provided personnel, project management education, Salesforce and Angular classes, QA automation, and many other forms of support in order to develop and improve a successful partnership. We greatly value the expertise and work ethic that the Dynamo team members bring to the table, and we appreciate their continuing assistance on multiple ongoing projects.


Team & Technologies

To meet the Silverline requirements Dynamo seeded the Silverline team with a senior developer and started education courses for new hires for Dynamo-Silverline team in Ukraine. Dynamo continues to grow this team according to Silevrline’s requirements and business needs – adding QA engineers, 20+ Salesforce certifications for developers and admins and 6+ Mulesoft certifications.

A booming product developed by the Dynamo-Silverline team, is being successfully sold for 7 years on the AppExchange. Over 70 completed consulting projects with customer satisfaction at the level of 4.4 out of 5.


Project Results

The team of 13 developers and QA is actively involved in commercial product development, internal projects and consulting services in multiple industries working together with Silverline USA and Silverline India to deliver high-quality results. The Ukrainian team is actively involved in identifying the best practices, formalizing these and introducing them to the company to be re-used in multiple projects. Our developers attended Dreamforce conferences, worked together with the Silverline team in the US and in Ukraine. They are considered true members of the Silverline global team.