Frequently Asked Questions

Step one is for you to contact us to have a conversation, so that together we can begin the process of developing a strategy to implement your idea. This is the start of our established discovery process to collect all the necessary information to be able to propose an optimal solution for you..

All Dynamo employees and contractors have signed contracts with specific confidentiality restrictions, as well as an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement, a legally binding contract). Our network is secured and access to your data is limited to your project team. You can be sure that no information related to your project will be disclosed without your permission. "What happens in Dynamo, stays in Dynamo.”

Our experts will provide you with a preliminary assessment of the time and cost of the project after we have agreed to the requirements.

That depends on many factors, including the clarity of your objectives and requirements, the amount of risk, our experience in implementing similar projects, etc. Our estimate will be more accurate if your requirements are clear and complete, and if they do not change over the course of the project.

Every project Dynamo does has a QA (Quality Assurance) team in place to test a product before we release it to our customers. We value our reputation, which is based on the quality of everything we do. But just in case that’s not reassuring enough, we have our Iron Clad Guarantee (link) to back it up.

We will provide you with a project manager for your project. He (or she) will track the progress of your work. Our employees speak English, so you will be able to communicate directly with any of the experts on your team to solve technical issues if needed.

We follow Agile Methodology: the project is divided into short iterations, or sprints lasting 1-2 weeks. Under this methodology, the most important requirements are implemented first. This allows you to assess whether the project is on target to meet your needs, and also makes it possible to make the necessary adjustments at the end of each sprint to achieve the best results for the project.

We will form a team from Dynamo’s roster, hire additional, necessary experts, if required. One of our managers will keep you informed of what is happening on the project. You can get acquainted with our expertise here (link to expertise). You will have access to each and every member of your team, and full insight into their hours, milestones, and more.

But even though our team of highly skilled professionals will work on your project, it’s difficult to obtain an acceptable result without your participation. We need to be in close contact with you, our customer, in order to clarify the requirements, to review intermediate results, and to discuss any new proposals.

We try to match the values of Agile, but we adjust our management process according to your needs. We have experience in SCRUM. We have a certified Scrum masters in our staff. The processes in our company have been built, and are continually evolving, to best meet our customers' requirements.

Please contact us to fix it. We provide long-term support of our projects.

Your Dynamo team is ready to start the work as soon as possible – if the required expertise is available. But please keep in mind that it may take some time (1-2 months) to hire new people, especially if you want to hire an expert with skills in a more arcane and obscure area or technology, or have other unique requirements.

We can build a team of developers to meet your needs, according to your requirements. This will be an extension of your own team - see direct engagement (link). We will perform preliminary search and interviews, and offer you the appropriate candidates for review. You can then manage your group remotely, and we will provide everything necessary for productive teamwork to take place in the Dynamo office.