Dynamo is successful in helping healthcare companies transition to the digital world. Our expertise with healthcare information technologies and our many years of experience in this industry makes us a unique partner to deliver scalable, secure and compliant infrastructure for small to midsize medical businesses and disruptive startups. We have successfully implemented technological solutions in many sizes in the doctor’s office. From appointment scheduling, to automated billing, to tablet integration, we have done it all.

Travel and Hospitality

Airbnb has revolutionized the travel and hospitality industry and created many followers who are trying to improve and change their model to build new business.  Our team is working with one such startup,, and, despite setbacks posed by COVID-19, we have managed to deliver cost effective solutions to support Jewish travelers around the world with apartment rentals and experiences.

FinTech expertise, Dynamo Development


The Dynamo Team builds smart and scalable crowdfunding platforms for JOBS act compliance, automating investor onboarding including KYC and AML, customized investment process, and self-service investor portals.  Our solutions integrate with multiple vendors including, but not limited to, Prime Trust custody, Fund America escrow, Stripe and PayPal payments, DocuSign and RightSignature e-signature, Verify Investor, Salesforce CRM, Mail Chimp and MailJet email marketing, Google and Hotspot analytics and many other third-party vendors. We have successfully delivered small crowdfunding sites for a single offering and large crowdfunding platforms that provide white-label customizable solutions to RIAs, brokers, multiple issuers, multiple offerings, Reg D, Reg S, Reg A+, and FINRA approved Reg CF portals.

Real Estate

We specialize in property management and payment solutions for the real estate market. Our company continues to develop industry expertise and provide custom solutions for our clients in the US and Europe, helping to bring modern technology into the mainstream of the real estate industry. Our team has enormous experience in delivering excellent solutions in this market. Our solutions cover several facets of the industry including, but not limited to, listings, tenant services, payments using a plethora of platforms, support bots on various communication platforms, maintenance requests, and support for various mobile applications.