20Delivered Projects

Open Source Stack

Dynamo’s Open Source Stack team was started in 2002 and has extensive experience of web application development. It developed a wide range of cloud applications including traditional template-driven websites, e-commerce solutions, crowdfunding portals, and REST APIs for mobile apps. The team has also developed complex integrations between multiple web services, including payment gateways (Prime Trust, Stripe, Paypal, Bolt), marketing and analytical tools (Google Analytics, Hubspot, Justuna), CRM systems (Salesforce, Zendesk), Social networks and messaging (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram), e-signature programs (Docusign, RightSignature), Google APIs, Crypto wallet (Bitgo) and many others.

We use tools and technologies that match project requirements – in order to support this approach, our  team specializes in a wide set of languages and frameworks including PHP, React, Javascript, Java, Groovy and Python, Symfony, Laravel, MySQL, Postgre, MongoDB, AWS RDS, Node.js, Express, Hapi, Dockers, WordPress, Drupal, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Git,  Jenkins, etc.